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Contemporary Trends in Art, Design and Visual Culture.  Articles:

Evolving in All Possible Directions (editorial); “The View From Now” by Phillip Harvey with Jeffreen Hayes and Samantha Ragland; “Tonya Clay – A Clear View into her Mind” by Toni Wynn; “Satch Hoyt – A Command of Many Mediums” by Charles Stone,  “Will the Real Artist Stand Up?” by Toya Northington; “On the Cusp: Young Collectors” by Jeffreen Hayes; “Six Riffs on Trends in Visual Culture” by Khia Jackson; “The Return of Space Lady” by Teresia Bush; “The Changing Face of Craft” by Fo Wilson; “Architecture Now” by Craig I. Wilkins.  Other articles include: “Alternative Exhibition Spaces for Black Artists in New York City during the 1970s” by Dennis Raverty, “A Closer Look” (profile of Ruth Jett) by Vivian Hewitt; “Rural Symphonies in Black and White” by Shonda Buchanan and news and reviews.

Artists in this issue: Marcus Jansen, Len Davis, Wardell Milan, Titus Kaphar, Kori Newkirk, Zoë Charlton, Rick Delaney, Kojo Griffin, Ron Davis, Sonya Lawyer, Myra Greene, Alexis Peskine, Tonya Clay, Satch Hoyt, Fahamu Pecou, Jessixca  Bagley, Maya Freelon Asanta, Iona Rozeal Brown, Shinique Smith,  Kehinde Wiley, Paula Wilson, Walter Ellison, David Driskell, Space Lady (a.k.a. Akia Quander), Nathalie Meibach, Fo Wilson, Ben Jones, Otto Neals, James Dupree, James Brantley, Moe Brooker, Pheoris West, Louis Sloan, Moyo Ogundipe, Sheila Pree Bright, Norman Lewis, Tina Allen, Murry DePillars, Nefertiti; designers Phil Freelon, Ronnie McGhee and Khia Jackson, and fine art photographer William Anderson