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Among the many reasons for an increased interest  in the works of African American artists has been the hope of identifying unique elements that may suggest connections with Black Africa.  If such connections are found, speculations on the uniqueness of a black aesthetic would be more than mere conjecture.  Critics of continuity still maintain that the cultural connections between Africa and America are superficial and that no really intelligent black person would place so much emphasis on the African past.

African Influence on Black American Art by Floyd Coleman, Armando Solis: Museum Photographer by Mati Robinson, Drawing, Collectors' Column, Elizabeth Catlett pull-out portfolio, The Black Presence: A Theatre of Creative Alternatives by Joan Sandler, Profile: LaMonte Westmoreland, The Emerging Voice of the Black Visual Artists by Murry DePillars, Black American Music: the beginning by Bette Cox, Afro-Brazilian Art by Abdias do Nascimento with translation by Elizabeth Larkin, FESTAC Poster. (Published Fall 1976).

Artwork by: Elizabeth Catlett, Sargent Johnson, Lois Mailou Jones, Aaron Douglas, Jacob Lawrence, Palmer Hayden, Richmond Barthe, Africobra, Eldzier Cortor, Armando Solis, John Wilson, Elliot Pinkney, La Monte Westmoreland, Jose Heitor, Abdias do Nascimento, Sebastiao Januario, Yinka Adeyemi, Varnette Honeywood, Rosalind Jefferies, Samella Lewis, Francisco Mora, Jennifer Ray, & Howard Smith

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