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Feature Articles

Art, Race and Institution by Hayes Peter Mauro

Sweet and Deadly: Sugar, Slavery and Consumption by Anna Chisolm

African Corporeality: Repossessing the Nobility of Africa by Atalie Gerhard

Shinique Smither: An Ongoing Gesture by Jaime Desimone

The Feminist Burn of Willie Cole's Iron Are by Jody B. Cutler

A Show of Unity: Art Exhibition, Racial Integration and the CIO by John Ott

The Work of Jayson Musson: Representing Play, Immaterial Labor and Mediation by John A. Tyson

Dread Scott: On the Impossibility of Freedom in a Country Founded on Slavery and Genocide - Performance, Photography and Reimagining History by John P. Bowles

Labors of Love: Representations of Work in the Sculpture of Henry "Mike" Bannarn and Leslie Garland Boiling by Kirsten Pai Buick

Artworks, Art Working and Race: A Conversation between Martin Puryear and Theaster Gates by Lenore Metrick-Chen

Titus Kaphar: Visions of the Black Male Body in the Age of Mass Incarceration by Leronn P. Brooks


Review of Lisa Farrington, African-American Art a Visual and Cultural History, New York and Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016 by Dr. Diana L. Linden

Alma Thomas: An Art Teacher Whose Abstract Paintings Are Still Teaching Us by Herbert R. Hartel, Jr.

Objects as Testimonys: A Review of Cameron Rowland's 91020000 at Artists Space by Julia Schmitt Healy

Hard Edges and Hard-Hitting Content: A Review of the Exhibition, "Hard-Edged:Geometrical Absraction and Beyond at the California African American Museum by Shana Klein