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“AfriCOBRA, Now!”  A look at the evolution of the trailblazing art collective of the 1960s into a group of artistic veterans who still are on the innovative edge. 

“Bodies in Motion” by Lisa Farrington, Ph.D.: the life and work of painter, mixed media artist Emma Amos.

“Child of the Universe … Speak Like a Child” by Eric Hanks: the physics and metaphysics of painter Mildred Thomas, the return to innocence of painter Walter Williams and the expatriate path that they both explored).

“Facing the Future, Poised for Growth”: profiles of advisory council members who will help propel the development of the journal.

“Echoes of an Era: BAM and NAM” a survey of recent projects relating to the Black Arts Movement and the visual culture of black soldiers in Viet Nam.

“News and Reviews”: new books, recent exhibits, Hurricane Katrina art project, etc.