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Vol. 18, No 1





25 Who Made a Difference

Special 25th Anniversary Issue






Ramona Austin, director, Hampton University Museum.



Feature Articles


Reading and Writing About Art: IRAAA and the Development of African American Art 1976-2001by Floyd Coleman.


Samella Lewis: An Art Institution in Her OwnRightby Juliette Harris.


Tritobia Benjamin: Following in Porter’s Footsteps by Theresia Bush.


Camille Billops: Archivist Extraordinaire by Toni Spottswood.


Richard V. Clark: Museum Mastermind by Nancy Lane.


Kinshasha Holman Conwill: Making a Lasting Impact by Mary Lou Hultgren.


The Cosbys: From Grandma’s Quilts to Sotheby’s Grandeur by Juliette Harris.


Murry DePillars: Signifyin’ Sage by Michael Harris.


Jeff Donaldson: The Mind Behind the Cultural Revolution by Edmund Barry Gaither.


David Driskell: “The Dean” by Tosha Grantham.


Allan Edmunds: Best Impressions by John E. Dowell, Jr.


Leslie King-Hammond: Sister, Mentor, Prime Mover by Lowery Stokes Sims.


Michael Harris: Seeing the Total Picture by Murry N. DePillars.


Joe Overstreet + Corinne Jennings = Energy Over Matter 2 by Fleur Paysour.


June Kelly: Nurturing Collectors, Wielding Clout by Leslie King-Hammond.


Kellie Jones: Passing It On by Olukemi Ilesanmi.


Richard Long: Ark of Ascension by M. Akua McDaniel.


E. J. Montgomery: Up Front and Behind the Scenes by Floyd Coleman.


Sharon Patton: Can Teach, Can Do by Kirsten P. Buick.


Richard Powell: Blues, Brains, Basketball by Andrea Barnwell.


Lowery Stokes Sims: Redefining the Art World by Leslie King-Hammond.


Robert Farris Thompson: Griot of the Black Atlantic World by Ramona Austin.


Josh Wainwright: Mr. Right by Mark Dabney.


Alvia Wardlaw: Making It happen in Texas and Beyond by Jeanne Zeidler.


Deborah Willis: Prodigiously Picturing Us by Fleur Paysour.


Jeanne Zeidler: Building for the Future by Jeffery Bruce.


Art History in the Trenches by Juliette Harris.



Artworks shown in this issue by:


Edward Mitchell Bannister, A. P. Bedou, Hugh Bell, John Biggers, Moe Brooker, Jay-Nel Brown, Beauford Delaney, Aaron Douglas, Robert Scott Duncanson, Robert Foster, Varnette Honeywood, William H. Johnson, Sargent Johnson, Lois Mailou Jones,  Jacob Lawrence, Kerry James Marshall, Dean Mitchell, Moya Okediji, James Phillips, Joyce Scott, Coleen Simpson, Frank Simpson, Lorna Simpson, Frank Stewart, Henry Ossawa Tanner, Herb Wheeler, Charles White, James Lesesne Wells.