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In the face of tragedy, when just keeping body, mind and soul together is a challenge, these women have done more--transformed grief in ways that are healing for both themselves and others.  In the lives and works of the artists presented in this article, I see the complete cycle of suffering and joy.  Like a lover, visual art disrobes for us and disrobes us, and the process is always self-revelatory.  Regenerating, provocative, inspirational, it offers itself to our conscious and unconscious without reservation.  We have to look to understand emotions that cannot be expressed verbally.

Grief Recycled by Leatha Simmons Mitchell, Praised Hereafter: Three Contemporary Sculptors and Their Work by Mark Richard Moss, Providence Salutes African American Artists in Three Recent Shows by Nancy Lane, Greenwich Village; 1946-1949: A Reminiscence by Virginia Spottswood Simon, Art About Hair by Jacqueline Francis, Stereotypes Subverted by Kelefa Sanneh, Kara Walker, Juliette Harris, Don Bacigalupi, and Michael Ray Charles.

Special Section: A (Memorial) Tribute to Lois Mailou Jones: A Passionate Life in Art by Tritobia Benjamin, Remembering Lois by E. J. Montgomery, An Archivist Remembers the Artist by Joellen El-Bashir.

Book Excerpts and Reviews: Amazing Grace: A Life of Beauford Delaney By David Leeming, Rhapsodies In Black: Art of the Harlem Renaissance by Richard Powell and David Bailey, Painting the Musical City: Jazz and Cultural Identity in American Art by Donna Cassidy, Abstact Expressionism: Other Politics by Anne Gibson, African American Art by Sharon Patton, Seeing Jazz: Artists and Writers on Jazz, Dancing at the Louvre: Faith Ringold's French Collection and Other Story Quilts, Transforming the Crown: African, Asian & Caribbean Artists in Britain by Mora J. Beauchamp-Byrd and M. Franklin Sirmans, New Traditions From Nigeria: Seven Artists of the Nsukka Group by Simon Ottenberg, Reinventing Africa: Museums, Material Culture and Popular Imagination by Annie E. Coombes, Elizabeth Catlett Sculpture: A Fifty Year Retrospective by Lucinda Gedeon, King for a Decade: Jean-Michel Basquiat by Taka Kawachi & Carribbean Art by Veerle Poupeye.  Events: NYC Material Culture, Harlem Renaissance & A David Driskell Tribute.

Artwork by: Meg Henson Scales, James Brantley, Joyce Wellman, Barbara Thomas, Makudy Sall, Thom Shaw, Lezley Saar, John Outerbridge, John Torres Jr., Syd Carpenter, Edward Mitchell Bannister, Joseph Delaney, Jacob Lawrence,  Romare Bearden, Robert M. Jackson, Walter A. Simon, Sonya Y. S. Clark, Lois Mailou Jones, Kara Walker, Emma Amos, Michael Ray Charles, Norman Lewis, Harlan Jackson, Ed Love, Wadsworth Jarrell, Archibald Motley, Charles Searles, Faith Ringold & Louis Delsarte.